Acne Treatment for Teens

When at trade shows promoting the Thentix Skin Lotion I get asked by teenagers if the product will help with Acne.  I honestly tell them “Yes, but it cannot compete with three Pizzas and four chocolate bars per week.  Amusing but true.  And this goes for pretty much all of the skin ailments in relation to Thentix.  It is a wonderful product but one needs to take care of the body in other ways as well.

Honey and Royal Jelly have antibacterial qualities and calendula is an antiseptic. Ginseng oxygenates the area – skin and blood and it also helps with circulation. These are the basic qualities that you need in a product that has a purpose of clearing up Acne!

Other ingredients in Thentix: ‘A Touch of Honey’ such as honey and aloe vera work wonders on Teen Acne as well. Mother nature designed Aloe vera to help heal the skin.

Aloe vera gel is a clear, cool, transparent gel that comes from the aloe plant. It is used topically for a number of skin problems. The gel forms a protective barrier which helps maintains moisture and promotes healing. It helps cuts, scrapes, and scratches heal more quickly (superficial, minor ones). It seals off an injury and helps new cells form. Aloe vera works for burns, sunburns, and frostbite. It increases blood flow to areas of burned tissue, which hastens the healing of cells. The gel has enzymes that relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and decrease redness and swelling. It also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Aloe Vera gel is the inner part of the aloe vera plant. It has been used for centuries for burns, to heal damaged skin, and for digestive and intestinal problems.

It has proven to accelerate healing because among other things it has the ideal polysaccharides necessary for the skin to repair. It gives the skin the “building blocks” to repair.

It also accelerates healing of the “inner skin” the delicate lining.

Aloe vera will help lessen redness and swelling and improve the overall health of your skin. It won’t handle the causes of acne.

Honey on its own has been used successfully topically to help with acne. Honey has anti bacterial properties and has been used wound healing and burns for centuries. Although it can be applied as pure natural honey, using it in a cream such as Thentix is much more practical, and less messy.

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