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A Psoriasis Treatment in Canada

This is a story of how someone disagreed with "the way things are".

Several years ago a friend of mine developed Thentix "A Touch of Honey" skin conditioner to handle some of his skin problems.

It is a new product on the market and I get asked about it constantly. The name "Thentix" is an odd name I'm told. I reply with terms like "Nivea" and "Noxzema". Where did those names come from? Well, I haven't done the research on the origins of those... (more on that here) 

Thentix Canada 'A Touch of Honey' Skin Conditioner:

N0 Parabens!
No Added Perfumes or Fragrance!
No Mineral Oil/No Propylene Glycol/No Petrolatum(You will find one of these as the first ingredient in many high end products.)
No Lanolin/No Glycerin/No Wax
No Animal Testing! (We test on teenage boys ...  just kidding!)

Thentix Canada

Skin problems that Thentix has helped with include: acne, abrasions, athlete's foot, bee stings, bruises, calluses, chapped lips, dry skin, itch of flea bites, hemorrohiods, itchy skin, plantar warts, poison ivy, poison oak, psoriasis, split skin on fingers, sunburn, wounds, stretch marks, impetigo, blisters, burns, hives, x-ray burns, ashy skin, rosacea, inflamed joints, fungus, insect bites, razor burn, diaper rash, bed sores, shingles, edema, shingles, eczema, rough hands, varicose viens, cracked heels, cuts and wrinkles.

To provide you our customers with courteous and prompt service so that you enjoy our products to their fullest! We like to take a natural approach to our products. We find that most skin products have unnecessary chemicals added to them that are often harmful to the skin. We strive to make your skin smile!

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“Thanks for getting this bottle of Thentix to me so quickly. I use [Thentix] for my shingles. I have shingles from above my eyes and go up into my scalp on one side. [Thentix] completely takes the itch away. I have had other products but they are messy and unsightly. Thentix goes right into the skin. It helps smooth the skin out as well so it doesn’t look so bad."
Sincerely, Maryann O, MA - Thentix Skin Conditioner

“Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much my family enjoys the Thentix. When we get down to the last jar, panic ensues! Product and service are exceptional, and both are much appreciated.”
Tina, Vancouver

“It works wonders for my daughter who suffers from eczema."
Adrienne, Toronto

“I have been using this product for my psoriasis and it is amazing!”
Raquel V., Cincinnati, OH

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