Thentix Relieves Itchy Insect Bites And Helps Promote Healing

Mosquito bites, spider bites, ant bites, flea bites, bee stings, bed bugs – any type of insect bite.  On this site you won’t find chemicals and such to keep the insects away but you will find something that will relieve the itchiness and inflammation.

People react to itchy insect bites in different ways. Some react more strongly than others. Thentix, a natural skin lotion, will help with the redness and swelling from itchy insect bites. Although it will not relieve serious allergic reactions, if you put a small amount on the bite or sting once you notice it, you find the itchy feeling and any swelling will dissipate very quickly.

Often, depending on the type of insect bite, one application may be enough. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of Thentix will help keep down any swelling and prevent infection. You may want to apply Thentix 2-3 times if the itching persists. (If there is a serious allergic reaction, please see your medical practioner.)

The ingredients in Thentix have been chosen to help heal and moisturize the skin in addition to being non or hypo-allergic.