Thentix: What is It?
A Solution to Psoriasis

This is a story of how someone disagreed with “the way things are”.

Several years ago a friend of mine developed Thentix “A Touch of Honey” skin conditioner to handle some of his skin problems.

It is a new product on the market and I get asked about it constantly. The name “Thentix” is an odd name I’m told. I reply with terms like “Nivea” and “Noxzema”. Where did those names come from? Well, I haven’t done the research on the origins of those (that will be the subject of another article) – the point being these titles were more than likely also grabbed out of a hat. Enough of that. Back to how Thentix was developed and why.

Partly due to diabetes my friend was plagued with various skin conditions. Cold, dry Canadian winter causing dry skin in the extreme was also an incentive. And for these symptoms, skin creams and lotions abound. Any vanity that has any self respect will have at least 3-4 skin conditioners or lotions in or around its drawers. One for the hands, another for the face and of course you are not going to use the same one on your feet. These were generally found too this or too that. Some actually dried out the skin. The chemicals in others did more damage than good. And moisturizers didn’t actually moisturize. The perfumes in some were unpleasant and who knows what odors they were hiding. For me – I know this article isn’t about me but – for me, it was the greasiness. I often felt I had to hang my hands out to dry or wait an outrageous amount of time before I could touch anything because of the grease left on my hands. Specialty creams for some more serious skin problems can be terribly expensive. All in all, nothing was working and there had to be another solution.

Having used almost every moisturizer, healing cream and skin lotion on the market to no avail, he decided to create his own.

A cosmetic specialist was called in and extensive research was done.

The main criteria were:

And acceptable to the Olfactory sense (smelled nice but wasn’t all perfumy)

Hundreds of samples and months of testing finally brought them a satisfactory formula.

Many ingredients were tried and the list that remained was extensive and seemingly effective. Honey being the main ingredient is known for its healing powers. Others, some obvious and some not went into the pot. Aloe Vera, something we’ve used for years right out of the leaf for cuts and burns was liberally added. Chamomile, calendula and Vitamin A and E also known for their benefits to the skin entered the mix. Three oils – Avocado, jojoba and safflower oil are also part of the formula but I challenge you to find this lotion oily or greasy in any way.  Part of what this product does is allow the skin to hydrate naturally. With most skin creams and lotions, if you wash your hands you have to reapply the cream. With this product you will find that the skin has absorbed the moisture and your skin will feel softer after washing. This is doubly amazing with the fact that most people wash their hands with soap (at least I hope so) and most soaps and shampoos have a drying agent, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, in them.)

But the proof was in the pudding as the saying goes. For years he’d had horrible psoriasis and continuous skin problems with his feet – again partly due to the diabetes. Applying the now named Thentix to his feet 4-5 times a day, the cracked heels and the fungus on his toes cleared up. Thentix was also able to sooth the constant painful itching of the psoriasis.

This may be a good time to mention that Thentix will not actually cure anything. It will though, help relieve some of the symptoms.

So, there you have it. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. In this case someone didn’t agree that there was no solution to his problem and where billions of dollars are spent on cosmetics by major firms around the world give no or small relief, one guy decided to make something that actually got results.