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thentix a touch of honey

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Thentix skin conditioner is made with "a Touch of Honey”. Honey has been used as a healing aid for centuries acting as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent.  Honey also kills germs, promotes the growth of healthy tissue, treats burns effectively and promotes quicker healing with less scarring and does not clog pores. Honey nourishes the skin and helps hydrate naturally. Thentix also contains other ingredients that are known to have beneficial properties. Skin problems that Thentix has helped with include: acne, abrasions, athlete's foot, bee stings, bruises, calluses, chapped lips, dry skin, itch of flea bites, hemorrohiods, itchy skin, plantar warts, poison ivy, poison oak, psoriasis, split skin on fingers, sunburn, wounds, stretch marks, impetigo, blisters, burns, hives, x-ray burns, ashy skin, rosacea, inflamed joints, fungus, insect bites, razor burn, diaper rash, bed sores, shingles, edema, shingles, eczema, rough hands, varicose viens, cracked heels, cuts and wrinkles.

Contact via email: martin   @     thentix-touchofhoney.com


Good evening Martin,
I’m wondering if you are in the Edmonton area? If so, could I pick up my order instead if having it shipped?
Thank you,


Rebecca, I’ve emailed you as well. I’m in Vancouver selling Thentix at the PNE right now. You can order online and it will get to you very quickly. If you order over $100, you get free shipping. Sorry for the delay in replying.
– Martin

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