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"Thank you. We love the cream works wonders for my son's eczema."


"Hi there my name is Sarah. I was walking in the mall one day in Calgary[Fall 2011] and was asked to try your lotion, the sign caught my attention when I saw the word acne. I have serve acne and facial scarring due to it. This lotion is amazing, the best I have ever tried! I am on medication for my skin which dry's me out a lot. Thentix helps moisturize my face with out clogging my pores and to this day I have hardly any new break outs. I would highly recommend this lotion to anyone with acne or facial scaring because it honestly works to help heal it. Thank you again for an amazing product and I will never go back to any other lotion!

"...I plan on giving some away for Christmas. I got 6 about 8 month ago and ONE Of my customers stopped using her prescription skin cream it worked so well. i have a friend who is a doctor and she is so impressed with the results on my hands she want to use it for her daughters..."


"I am writing to let you know how wonderful and how 'A Touch of Honey', made a huge difference in my family life. "My mother recently passed away due to kidney failure; she was diabetic, bedridden for eight months (at home) and her skin was extremely dry and itchy. The itchiness was due to the shutting down of the kidneys and my mother was scratching her self raw until we discovered 'A Touch of Honey'. With the shutting down of the kidneys and the increasing of toxins building in my mother's body we had to be very careful what was applied to her skin.
"Within the first day of using Thentix you could see a difference. It helped decrease the itching, within days my mother's legs were shiny and smooth. My father who is a big skeptic was totally amazed at your product , so much that he was raving to everyone about your product and showing almost everyone my mother's legs, pointing out how silky smooth her legs had become.
"I must admit that I would not have believed a product could work as wonderful as Thentix, had I not seen it myself.
"My family and I thank you, for the short period of time that we had the product it helped relief some of our mother's suffering."
Sincerely yours,"

"I work outside a lot and as soon as I start to see or feel my cuticles start to split in the winter, I put a tiny bit of Thentix on 2-4 times throughout the day and by the end of the day they have usually closed up."

"This is by far one of the best skin conditioning lotions that you are ever going to use!"

chamomile in thentix"I have fibromyalgia and along with the severe pain I get shingles quite often. All of the symptoms related to fibromyalgia seem to have developed over the many years of teaching so many disturbed children in the inner-city of New Haven, CT.  I had to take an early retirement last year because of the debilitating health issues and move to Florida to a warmer climate. The shingles that I received were quite painful and often lasted for several weeks at a time.  However, since I have been using the Thentix skin cream I have been having almost instant relief. I apply the cream just as soon as I see the bumps appearing and within a day or so the rash, swelling, itching and raised areas begin to dissipate.  I have also used it for ant bites. I am very allergic to the sting of fire ants. After having received a sting this spring I applied the Thentix cream and it helped to relieve the severe itching and discomfort from the sting."

"Thank you for marketing such a beautiful skin conditioner cream that has been very helpful to me."
Darlene O.

Cracked, Dry Heels and Fingers:

"I purchased Thentix last Friday for my cracked fingers and cuticles. I've been using it every day and this is Tuesday and the cracks in my fingers are almost cleared up."

"Another thing I used Thentix for was the cracks in the skin of my heels. It was amazing!" K.N."

"Just thought that I would drop you a note and let you know that I found another great use for the Thentix cream. The other day after I got out of the shower, I had a bit of excess on my hands so I just rubbed it into my hair. Later that day, I noticed that my hair was noticeably softer. Since then, I've used a very small amount every other day or so and it's made a marked improvement in the softness and shine of my hair!"D.W.

"I am writing to you regarding the Thentix skin conditioner cream that I have been using for several years. It really and truly has been a wonder working miracle for me."


"[Dear Sir,]
You may not believe this, but I am a breeder of pure bred Shar Peis. They are sometimes prone to skin problems and I have found that the Thentix cream works wonders for them as well. I have been shipping your cream all over North America to my customers to help with skin irritation! IT WORKS!!!!!"

Acne and Scarring:

"[Dear Sir,]
You may not believe this, but I am a breeder of pure bred Shar Peis. They are sometimes prone to skin problems and I have found that the Thentix cream works wonders for them as well. I have been shipping your cream all over North America to my customers to help with skin irritation! IT WORKS!!!!!" Melissa"

"Hi there!! [...]  This past Christmas holiday, I was doing some shopping at [the mall] in Ontario and I was walking by the booth you had set up displaying your "Thentix" cream. You had stopped me and asked me if I was interested in trying your product and I replied by asking you, if your product would help to fade and possibly eliminate scarring on my face from acne, and picking, and scratching, etc.  You told me that it would not eliminate scars that were already on my face, but that it WOULD help to reduce the appearance of scars on wounds that are in the process of healing.... Well....That day, I did not buy your product because I didn't have the money, but I did receive a small jar as a gift from a family member.  I have used this product faithfully since I got it, as to give it a fair chance to see if it works, and I must say that you are giving a bit of false advertisement, because in fact, your cream has improved the appearance and texture of my skin DRAMATICALLY....the "old" scars I had on my face have lightened up and even smoothed out....I even had some "craters" and it's as if they have been filled in...?

Now mind you, I never suffered with acne in my teenage years, I have only have this problem within the last 2 years, but still those scars have been there long enough that it would make it difficult to erase them, but your product did it! I did apply a generous amount to my entire face before bed, and sometimes I didn't even rub it in all the way, and it created like a blanket over my skin and overnight softened it and also helped to lift up the dead and unhealthy skin, so when I washed my face in the morning, it was like washing off my old skin!!

And it worked so FAST too...I got this cream in Mid December and it's been barely one month, and the difference is unreal!!"

"Please, let people know that with daily use of a more generous amount than usual, it CAN actually eliminate scarring, and lighten you skin! That is what I have been looking for ever since my first break out, a non-chemical, "in-home" usable product that doesn't cost me a month's wages!!

Thank you so much for creating this product! You brought back my confidence, and given me back the time that was wasted worrying about how "yucky" I looked and I didn't want to go out in public!! So I'm here to complain about the fact that I am running low and I don't know where to get more!!, HOW DO I GET SOME? lol

If you could please contact me with a way to purchase [...] I would appreciate it!
My Contact info is at the bottom of this e-mail."

Razor Burns and Shaving:

"I LOVE this cream, I swear by it for razor burns, because I DRY SHAVE a lot of the time and my legs get very irritated, but once I apply the cream, within minutes it's like I never used a razor!!"

Diaper Rash for Babies:
"I am one of the most sceptical people on this planet.....I never like to try new things because I've been fooled too many times in the past, and I NEVER order stuff from TV because I've always been disappointed, but I am SO glad you stopped me in the do have a real winner with this miracle cream!
I even used it for a mild case of diaper rash on my cousins new baby, and it soothed it almost instantly....I couldn't believe it!"

"I ordered my Thentix while in the USA this past winter. I could not get the web page to work so I called and spoke to Martin in Calgary.. He took my order and I received my goods in good time. The service was excellent. and I wish to thank you for it.

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