Honey dressings for wounds and cuts*:

Honey has been used for wounds and cuts and burns for thousands of years. This is due to its anti bacterial properties and an unbelievable ability to enhance healing. The Greeks used honey for healing external wounds and now modern medicine has 'discovered' its use. 

This from the National Library of Medicine: Biologic Wound Dressing

"It is now realized that honey is a biologic wound dressing with multiple bioactivities that work in concert to expedite the healing process."

6 Reasons Why Honey Helps With Wound Healing

  1. The acidity of honey increases the release of oxygen from hemoglobin making the wound environment unfavorable for destructive enzymes. For the same reason it is good to eat a spoonful of honey each day.  Helps kill off harmful bacteria and enzymes.
  2.  Due to the nature of honey, it draws fluid out of the wound. It draws out lymph and poisons.
  3. The anti-bacterial activity of honey is due to hydrogen peroxide.  Again killing bacteria.
  4. Certain characteristics of honey have been shown to have certain biological activities that stimulate the immune response (thus promoting the growth of tissues for wound repair)
  5. Honey suppresses inflammation.
  6. Honey aids in the removal of dead tissue from a wound allowing it to heal properly.

It is not always practical to use honey on cuts but one can use Thentix with honey and calendula. Calendula extract also acts as an antiseptic. Put a small bit on a wound or cut or scratch a few times a day to help it heal and protect it against bacteria. It should help it heal more quickly and the vitamin E and Aloe Vera can help prevent scarring as well.

When the cat scratches you, put some Thentix on as this will help with the itching and 'disinfect' the scratch.Obviously, more severe cuts and wounds should be seen by a doctor and dressed properly.

*this is not medical advice.  Be sure to see your doctor.