Winter Skin

Winter comes in the north and with it dry skin. That winter itch can come or go in hours if someone is travelling from or to the midwest Canada or the United States in the colder months. Living in the north many people live with winter dry skin when they don’t have to. Many skin lotions and products try to coat the skin with ‘grease’ or oil. A lot of what goes missing in the winter is water – the cells are just dehydrated. Drinking more water will certianly help. And less coffee, alcohol and soft drinks. These all dehydrate the body.


The honey, calendula extract and royal jelly in Thentix draw moisture into the skin. Thentix does not sit on the surface of the skin like a glove, one can feel it go into the skin where it pulls moisture into the cells. As you use it you will need it less.

Chlorine Itch/Swimmer’s Itch

A lot of people we run into at trade shows in the north and midwest get winter dry skin on the legs. (We call it swimmer’s itch or chlorine itch) Some get that swimmers itch from chlorinated swimming pools – or whatever it is that dries the skin even more. Apply Thentix a couple of times a day to begin with and within a very few days you should be able to use it once a day and sometimes less.