Review/testimonial for Acne(pimples):

“Hi there my name is Sarah. I was walking in the mall one day in Calgary and was asked to try your lotion, the sign caught my attention when I saw the word acne. I have severe acne and facial scarring due to it. This lotion is amazing, the best I have ever tried! I am on medication for my skin which dry’s me out a lot. Thentix helps moisturize my face with out clogging my pores and to this day I have hardly any new break outs. I would highly recommend this lotion to anyone with acne or facial scaring because it honestly works to help heal it. Thank you again for an amazing product and I will never go back to any other lotion!
Sarah H ” 

Thentix contains a number of ingredients that help control teenage acne problem. Reducing pimples is a huge problem these days with current diet of the average North American teen and the fact that most get not nearly enough sunshine(vitamin D).

Honey is an anti-bacterial; calendula and chamomille both have anti inflammatory properties; chamomille is an anti-septic; aloe vera lessens swelling and speeds healing; Vitamin E helps to prevent and can clear up scarring; Royal Jellly and Vitamin A are anti oxidants. These are all the types of effects that one pays huge dollars for in special creams.

Any one of natures ingredients can be applied to help reduce pimples and clear up acne and the scarring from acne. Put these all together in a product such as Thentix with pure natural honey and you have a very effective product.

Suggested use: Wash skin with warm water and a mild soap. Rinse with cold water. Apply a small amount of Thentix to the affected areas and let soak in. Do this once or twice a day. We caution teens as well as anyone else with acne that Thentix cannot compete against several pizzas a week.