Stop Mosquito Bite Itch

Most places in North America have mosquitos in the warmer months. People react in different ways.

Why do mosquito bites itch? 

The reason for a reaction is the saliva that the mosquito leaves behind. The body’s immune system reaction is to release histamine into the system and this is part of what make the small swelling of the bite. Scratching this bite makes thing worse. If you scratch the mosquito bite, the resulting irritation and inflammation will cause the body to increase the immune system response. More itchiness.

Stop Mosquito Bite Itching 

Put a tiny bit of Thentix on the mosquito bite when it itches and it should calm the itch very quickly. From a few seconds to a minute or so. Calendula extract and chamomile are anti-inflammatories and as part of Thentix are very effective. Just apply it as needed. Try not to rub it in too much when you are applying the cream to the bite as this can irritate it and delay how the Thentix will work.