How to Shave your Head with a Razor and Thentix

If you still have hair you may want to buzz it first.  Get as close as you can before you start using the razor.  Use some kind of hair trimmer for this.

Wet the skin using warm water.  If you have pretty coarse hair you can let soak for a few minutes with a wet towel.  I use a lotion(Thentix ‘A Touch of Honey) instead of a shaving cream.  The reason for this is twofold. First of all it is hard to find shaving products without perfumes(I hate perfumes) and secondly, pretty much all shaving products have soaps and other chemicals that will dry the skin.  Lotions like Thentix will hydrate the skin and in using this one your skin will stay hydrated for quite some time after you have finished shaving.

Work a small amount of the lotion into your scalp.  I use very little with the Thentix as it is water based and if an area starts to dry I can use a bit of water to bring it back out instead of adding more lotion.  So, I don’t need much.

I shave against the grain as I want a very close shave and also because I can.  Some people will have to shave in part or whole with the grain so as to not irritate their skin.  Depends on your scalp and your hair.

After some experimentation I have found that a three blade razor works best.  I have my preference of brand but that is up to you.  I don’t have tons of hair on the top so I start at the back.  Slow strokes. Take your time if you prefer not to nick the skin.  Clean/rinse the blade often – OFTEN!.  Especially if you haven’t shaved for a bit.  I do a few strokes across the bottom – neck area – then start on one side and do it all by feel.  I do about 3-4 inches across till it is smooth then next section.  I go from bottom to top.  And do a second or third stroke back to where I just shaved it.  So, I’m going over each area a couple of times.  Some say that this may irritate the skin but I haven’t had issues with this using Thentix.  Anyway, doing it this way that section is completely done – I rarely need to go over it again.  Do this across the rest of the back of the head.  If you need to go more with the grain and you are not getting as close as you want, try two strokes across the grain in different directions.

Then the next section up the back of the head I work across the same way.  I do a similar thing on the sides working from front to back.  On the sides because of the skin that I have, I first shave up(against the grain) then I shave across the grain.  I get an amazingly close shave that way that stays smooth all day.

Keep the skin wet.

Then I do the top.  That doesn’t take much. I can pretty much look at that part and it’s done…

As you are shaving an area rub your hand over to see if there are any bits that you have missed.  I do it all by feel.

The tops of the ears can be tricky.  I have nicked them more than once. Again take your time.  Pull the ear down a bit and carefully scoop out any errant hairs.

I do the face last as I find the hair there is tougher and this gives the skin cream more time to soften things up.

Once done, I towel dry.  I don’t really need to put anything else on as the Thentix lotion soaks right into the skin and keeps thing hydrated most of the day. So, I’ve both shaved and conditioned the skin at one time.

Good luck!