What is Razor Burn?

– irritation of the skin caused by shaving too closely, using a blunt blade or poor lubrication. It can appears as a rash a few minutes after shaving and normally goes away in a few hours. With some people it can take a couple of days. Sometimes, when more sever razor bumps will also occur. This is where the area around shaved hairs get raised red welts or infected pustules. Razor burn is more common with people shaving course hairs or with sensitive skin; areas like the bikini line, pubic areas, underarms, chest, and beard.

Getting Rid of Razor Burn

The best way is to shave without getting razor burn in the first place. Using Thentix, with some water, one can get a smooth shave and having conditioned the skin at the same time, skip the part where you get razor burn or the tightness of the skin that comes after shaving.

If you are going to shave with Thentix, wet the skin first then apply a small amount of the cream. You will need very little. If you apply Thentix to dry skin it will absorb right away and won’t be very effective. So, wet the skin, apply a small amout of Thentix and then shave. After shaving you can apply a small amount as an aftershave or not, as you wish. You may find that you don’t need to apply it afterwards if you have shaved with it. If you shave with a shaving cream or something else you can of course use Thentix skin cream as an after shave.

Most shaving products have perfumes and soaps. Soaps dry the sking – that is where you get the tightness. Perfumes can irritate the skin as well. (And often other people.) Thentix has neither of these things. No perfumes and no soaps.

Ladies Shave Your Legs with Thentix:

All of the above applies to ladies shaving as well.  Prevent that tightness of the skin and keep from getting those little bumps afterwards by applying Thentix to wet skin.  It will stay on the surface of the skin as long as it is wet.  So, if you are doing one part of your leg and other part dries, just put water on and it will bring it back to the surface.  Gives a beautiful smooth shave and no irritation of the skin.