Rosaceae (Red Cheeks on Face)

We have had great success in controlling Rosaceae or 'red cheeks' with Thentix. The natural ingredients in Thentix help tone the skin, keeping it hydrated and the cells healthy. Usually, a small amount twice a day is sufficient. If often takes a few days for the cream to tone the skin enough so that the Rosacea is not showing. Once under control usually once a day is enough to keep the Rosacea at bay. If you stop using Thentix it may take a few days for the Rosacea to start showing again. Some of the ingredients that help are avacado(tones the skin) and jojoba oil(preserves and softens). Honey of course has amazing healing properties - it heals and hydrates the skin.

There are no heavy oils in Thentix and no lanolin, petrolatum or mineral oil to clog pores. This makes it quite safe to use on your face. No parabens and no fragrances either to irritate the skin.