How to Prevent Windburn

No one likes to stay in all winter even when it is cold outside. If you are active in outdoor winter sports like skiing or snowboarding or hiking then you probably have experienced windburn to some degree.

Part of the damage of windburn is the cell damage caused by dehydration. If the cells are properly hydrated during your outdoor activities then the damage caused to the skin cells on your face should be much less.

We have someone in Calgary that sent some small jars for her son and some of his friends in the oil fields.  It can get 40-50 below and windy in some areas up north in the winter.  That can wreak havoc on your exposed face.  They all found that using Thentix a couple of times a day helped keep the skin on their face from getting windburned.

Honey and calendula are both humectants. That means that they absorb and retain water. They are both ingredients of Thentix ‘A Touch of Honey’. By applying Thentix to your face and lips before going out into the cold, you will find much less damage to your skin.

You can also apply Thentix to already windburned skin to help relieve dryness and speed up healing.