Cause of Stretch Marks

Normally skin is fairly “elastic” but rapid growth as in pregnancy can result in stretch marks around the breasts and belly and other areas.

Stretch marks are created when tissues tear maily in the middle layer of the skin. This usually happens when a part of the body grows “too quickly” as in pregnancy. Rapid weight gain as sometimes occurs in puberty. And in contemporary America, with the food additives such as high fructose corn syrup and MSG which are in most foods, you are mostly fighting a losing battle. In addition, one of the reasons the tissues tear is poor hydration.

How to prevent or ‘fix’ Stretchmarks:

Poor hydration can be handled in some obvious ways such as drinking more water. Water can solve numerous other physical problems as well. If you are going to put a lotion or skin cream on, then make sure that it is something that will help the skin absorb moisture – not necessarily oil. The skin is missing water not oil.

Honey and calendula, a couple of the main ingredients of Thentix, are humectants. That means it causes the skin to absorb and retain moisture – this is vital. If you are drinking lots of water and applying Thentix or something like it as the skin is being stretched, you should be able to prevent most damage.

The properties Aloe vera and vitamin E in Thentix can also help heal. applied regularly will help the skin heal if it should stretch or tear.

When you are looking for a natural skin cream, do your research. A product like Thentix does not coat the skin or just sit on top. It goes into the skin and helps to heal and hydrate. Many skin products contain propylene glycol or mineral oil. These are petroleum product that clog the skin and do not really help heal.

The itchyness of stretch marks will calm right away when you apply Thentix. Chamomile and calendula are anti-inflammatories and as such will handle any itching very quickly. Apply as needed to any itchy skin. One does not need to slather it on. Put enough on to cover the affected area and allow to soak in.