Thentix Relieves Itchy Dry Skin

Thentix ”A Touch of Honey” was developed by an indivual who had been suffering from Psoriasis for years. Hundreds of hours of experimentation resulted in a natural honey based product that has now been tested by the marketplace.

The resulting testimonials after several years of use worldwide are overwhelming. Thentix has been used for itchy dry skin caused by almost anything – from insect bites to psoriasis and eczema or poison ivy.

It consistently relieves itchy dry skin. Ingredients such as honey and aloe vera do more than soothe – they also encourage healing. The natural anti inflammatory properties of ingredients like calendula and chamomile were spefically added to the product to help with the itching. You will find calendula extract in many high end eczema products for just this reason.

Aloe vera, ginseng extract, chamomile, Vitamin A and E will soothe irritated skin. Honey promotes natural hydratation of the skin, giving it the moisture it needs to remove impurites from the cells such as with insect bites.

As someone with eczema or dermatitis doesn’t want a cream that has the potential of creating allergic reactions, the developer of the product was diligent in only including ingredients that are hypo-allergenic. Because there are no fragrances added there are rarely irritations created from the product itself.