How to Heal Sunburn 

Part of the damage to skin when caused by the sun it dehyrdration. So, you want to do at least two things, hydrate the skin and heal it.

They main ingredients in Thentix that help hydrate the skin are honey, calendula and royal jelly. All of these ingredients absorb and retain moisture. So, applying Thentix to sunburned skin helps get it properly hydrated. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera are also commonly used to effectively heal burns.

Remember that when you are applying Thentix that you do not need to slather it on. If your sunburn is very uncomfortable then apply it several times a day but again you do not need too much each time. Let the honey do its work. Apply enough to let the cream work into the skin. If you feel it on the skin after a minute or so then you have likely used more than you need. If the your sunburn is to the point of blistering, you may want to see a doctor. Even so there is nothing in Thentix that will do damage to the skin in the case of a blistered burn.

You can also apply Thentix before you go out in the sun. It does not have sunblock or sunscreen in it but because the honey and calendula are hydrating the cells, it seems to prevent the skin from getting so burned.