How do you get plantar warts?

Plantar warts occur on the sole or plantar of the foot. The plantar is the sole or bottom of the foot. Warts are caused by a viral skin infection. The virus gets under the outer layer of skin through a small cut or abrasion. From there is infects and the wart appears as a small lesion or lump on the bottom of the foot which can be very painful. Normally, they can be gotten by walking barefoot in a change room or swimming pool where someone else has them.

Because it is a virus, the best treatment is by bolstering one's immune system. Various topical remedies have limited results. Solutions range from various salves to putting tape over the wart for a period of time.

Plantar warts, because they are on the bottom of the foot, can become very painful. The best thing is to not get them in the first place but if you are reading this, then it is probably too late to advise you that way. But if you do get rid of them, wear some kind of footwear when you are in public restrooms and pools, etc.

How to get rid of plantar warts:

The most effective way to get rid of warts may in an old wives tale. A friend, who is a doctor told me this story. He had two young boys come into his office needing warts removed. The second was present while he went through the process of freezing and removing the wart on the first brother's hand. Once done he realized that he could not put the second brother through this after watching. Instead he paid the young boy a nickel for his wart(old wive's tale). Several months later the boys were back in the office. The brother that had the wart physically removed had grown the wart back. The other no longer had his!

If you are going to use some kind of cream or ointment as treatment for plantar warts, try and get something that will fight virus and is very good at healing skin. The body should be able to handle a virus like this and enhancing the health of the skin will go a long way towards this.

For prevention, wear something on the feet and when leaving a gym or swimming pool put a drying powder on the feet or use Thentix.