Healing Chapped Lips:

Chapped lips can be caused by dehyrdration, sunburn and sometimes a virus or bacteria. Some people apply certain lip balm products 20-30 times a day because the product is designed this way. Some lip balms will make chapping lips worse or at best not make them better. Ingredients are added to dry the skin.
Severely chapped lips can get painful and crack allowing bacteria and virus in.

Thentix cream contains honey and royal jelly which are both anti-bacterial. Honey and calendula have the characteristic of absorbing moisture and retaining it. So, by putting Thentix on your lips when they are dry and chapped, you are getting the moisture back into the skin. And you shold not have to apply it more than a few times a day.

One should probably refrain from drinking sodas and too much coffee and other drinks that actually dehyrdrate you. (Yes these are NOT the drinks to get the liquid back in you – they do the opposite.)

So, drink lots of water as well.