Getting Rid of Calluses:

Calluses on hands or feet can harbor viruses like warts particularly plantar warts on the feet. Foot calluses can crack and be very painful. For some this occurrs more on the feet in the summer when wearing open shoes or sandals. If someone is working with their hands particuarly in colder drier climes calluses can split and be hard to heal. On the feet if one uses Thentix properly for a few days this hard skin can soften enough so that viruses like warts cannot survive.

Where there is cracked skin in the calluses of the heels, then make sure plenty of water is consumed. Liquids like soda, coffee and alcohol will dehydrate the body and make these conditions worse, so just plain water is best. Use Thentix at least twice a day to soften the skin where it is thickened on the feet or hands. Once that is done, use Thentix on these areas three or four times a week to prevent the skin from drying and hardening again. When the skin splits the anti-bacterial properties of the honey and other ingredients will prevent bacteria from being able to survive and allow these cracks in the heels or hands to heal.