“It[Thentix] soothed my burn immediately and it healed up amazingly quickly!”

Burns Treatment:

Several of the ingredients in Thentix are often used individually for burns: Vitamin E, calendula, aloe vera and honey. Honey has been used for thousands of years for healing burns and wounds. Any one of these can help sooth and speed the healing. Although salves like honey and aloe vera can help with major burns as well there are other factors that make it more than a little wise to see a doctor in this case. For second or third degree go to Emergency at the hospital or see a doctor right away.

Honey has been used for thousands of years for burns and wounds – back to the Greeks.  Bacteria will not grow in the presence of honey largely due to the fact that it releases hydrogen peroxide very, very slowly.  This over-oxygenation kills the bacteria.  This is a big deal with burns – we don’t want infection.  So, that alone will allow burns to heal more safely.

So, for avburn that is not quite so bad, apply Thentix as soon as possible to the burned area and a few times throughout the day. You can apply it when it becomes uncomfortable. Only apply enough so that it will soak in. You do not need to put so much that the cream sits visibly on the surface of the skin for a while.  It is OK if it soaks in and disappears.

The honey and calendula have their own anti-bacterial properties that will help if any small blisters open up from the burn.

“I had an operation on my arm. The scar was about six inches long.  I put Thentix on twice a day starting as soon as I could after the surgery.  It took a while but there is almost no visible scarring.
J.R., Winnepeg, MB”