Flea bites itch!! 

Anyone that has been around animals has had a flea bite at one time or another. Some just learn to live with the itching. There are ways to get rid of fleas – subject of another article – but for getting rid of the flea bite itch, use a small bit of Thentix. . Applied directly to the area of itchyness or where you have one or several bites, Thentix can away the itch very quickly. Sometimes when you rub it on you can irritate the toxins that make the itching so give it a minute or two for the itch to go away.

Usually, one application will suffice but if you need more go ahead – it usually doesn’t take much – but use what you need to get the result. Generally, I suggest to people that they apply small amounts more often rather than globbing it on at one time. Thentix can be used for relief from bites of other insects as well.

We have had Thentix used on animals for flea bites as well.  Dogs generally will scratch bites till they bleed.  Put a small amount on the itchy area and puppy can go back to sleep.