How to Hydrate Skin

Many skin problems are due to dehydration. The cells are starved and cannot do their jobs properly. Proper hydration can solve many. Simple things like drinking enough water can improve skin condition immensely. Many drugs given for more serious conditions have the side effects of dehydrating instead of hydrating. Be cautious and check all side effects before applying or taking internally. This even includes drugs specifically given to help skin conditions. As with any drug, check side effects yourself, as drug companies are not always forthcoming about these things.

Certain ingredients in Thentix will help keep the skin properly hydrated. Both honey and calendula are humectants. (A humectant is something that absorbs and retains moisture.) Applying these on a regular basis will increase the moisture content of the cells. If the cells are properly hydrated they will ‘take care of business’ better. You may have noticed that when you are dehydrated that you are more tired. Often a glass of water is enough to get your energy back. If you haven’t tried this before, try it sometime – you very likely notice a difference. The same happens with skin cells. Being fully hydrated they can properly expel toxins and reproduce.

If you drink a lot of liquids that remove moisture from the body like coffee and alcohol then it is important to make up for this by drinking more water or other things that will make up for the lack.

Sometimes, though it is necessary to help the skin along with something topical. Use Thentix with honey and calendula – you can also use these ingredients on their own but honey gets a little sticky.