“Another thing I used Thentix for was the cracks in the skin of my cracked, dry heels. It was amazing!” -SJ

Cracked Heels Remedy: 

Thentix once a day or some only have to use 2-3 times a week to help prevent cracked heels. If the tissue is properly hydrated then it is less likely to split. To fix cracked heels apply Thentix at least 3-4 times a day to clear this up. Put some in a small jar from the dollar store and carry it with you.

“I recently moved to Florida and off came the shoes and on went an old pair of sandals. I love the outdoors and taking walks on the beach, but within a couple of weeks the skin on the back of my heels started to split. It was painful! There were two things here. One, I had to quickly do something about the open split and two, figure out how it was happening. Well, three things, I had to get it to heal up as well. And make sure it did not happen again. I guess that’s four. 

So, the first thing I did was to put some lotion on my cracked, dry heels. I used Thentix cream. 

The next thing I had to do was somehow close and protect the fissure or split. This is not easy on cracked dry heels but gauze and an ace bandage seems to work. The other thing that I’ve heard people do it use a type of superglue called Mister Glue. I used that on the split.

Then each night before I went to bed I put some of the [Thentix] on the split. There was quite a callus built up on the back of my heel and the pressure pushing there with lousy sandals was helping the skin to crack.

Took about 3-4 days for it to heal up. Now I just put on the cream regularly and don’t have a problem.” 
J. Ferris, Oldsmar, Florida 

You could also use a pumice stone or something similar to rub off some of the skin. Take it easy on this or you are going to create more problems. The causes of cracked dry heels can be from anything that is putting undue pressure on the heel such as standing too long (particularly in ill fitting shoes or sandals) to obesity as well as some diet problems or other general skin conditions.

Is it an Ongoing Problem? 

On top of the obvious immediate handlings I would advise seeing a nutritionist or doctor if this is an ongoing problem. A podiatrist or chiropractor may need to be consulted as well to see if posture or other foot problems are the cause. Eczema or psoriasis can also be contributing factors. Using the Thentix will help the symptoms of cracked dry heels in this case but one should definitely see a doctor or nutritionist to search out and handle the cause. The problem could be something as simple as a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Besides a number of great healing ingredients, Thentix has honey and calendula which absorb and retain moisture. You can actually feel the increase in moisture in your skin.