Shaving your legs

or bikini area can leave the skin 'burned' and 'razor bumps'. This will obviously caused somewhat by the razor itself but often it is what you are using as a shaving cream. Whether the problem is the face, the head, legs or it is razor burn on the bikini area try using Thentix. Use it as a shaving cream.

Most shaving products have soaps and fragrances. Soaps dry the skin and fragrances often have other chemicals that can burn. Genital razor burn is no fun.

Thentix is water based. It has several ingredients that are humectants - they absorb and retain moisture. Wet the skin or shower first. But apply Thentix to wet skin. Shave. If the skin begins to get dry usually you can just add a dab of water and that will bring the cream back to the surface. Remember that you do not need huge amounts of the Thentix cream. Start with small amounts. Add if you need. You will need much less that you think you might.

Once you are finished shaving, most of the time you will not have to apply anything as you have in essence conditioned the skin already. If you need, apply a small amount. If you shave in the shower and do not use anything besides water, you can apply some Thentix afterwards.

We have many people using Thentix to shave with the result of no razor burn and none of that dryness and tightness of the skin that happens after shaving.