Bee Sting Reactions- Ouch!!

What is a Bee Sting?  Essentially the bee injects a small bit of toxin into the skin with its stinger. Some people react quite violently and other just feel a bit of pain and sometimes a bit of swelling. quickly.

In Springfield last year at the Big E fair, one of the vendors got stung by a bee. He was handling food - a lot of sweets - and the bees were around. He came to me and asked it the Thentix would help - we put some on and within minutes the pain of the sting and the swelling were gone. He used the Thentix a couple of times through the day and it totally handled any pain.

There are a lot of different ways to handle bee sting reactions but if you have Thentix handy then you might find that it works as well or better than almost anything else. Thentix makes a great first aid treatment for cuts and scrapes and burns as well. Have it around when you are camping or working in the yard. You can use it for sunburn (prevent and sooth) and also for other insect bites such as mosquito bites.

Thentix has also been used for wasp and hornet stings.  I got stung on the knee cap by a hornet the size of a truck several years ago(wasn't really the size of a truck but felt that way - I was screaming like a baby!) and as I always carry a small jar of it around with me, I grabbed it from car - fortunately it was close by - and put some on.  Within a couple of minutes the swelling was going down and the pain was gone!  I applied the Thentix a couple more times throughout the day and besides an odd bit of itching I had no problems with the sting after that.

If you are going to use Thentix, apply a small amount every few hours or as needed. With all the great ingredients like honey and aloe vera and vitamin E, it will help heal a bee sting very quickly.

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