Best Athlete’s Foot Treatments

Thentix ‘A Touch of Honey’ has anti fungal properties with calendula and honey so it is perfect for getting rid of Athlete’s foot. Apply a small amount to the affected and surrounding area 2-4 times a day until you see it start to subside. If you can only apply once in the morning and once before you go to bed, do that. Once it has cleared up, a few times a week is plenty. If you go to a gym or pool then use after your work out instead of or in conjunction with a foot powder.

If you get dry skin from swimming then you can use this same cream to apply to the potentially dry areas after a swim as well as to your feet as a treatment for athlete’s foot.

Natural and Home Athlete’s Foot Remedies

Tea Tree Oil is an antiseptic, an antibacterial and can kill many types of fungus including Athlete’s Foot.
Apply to directly to the effected area three times a day until cleared up.

Vinegar – use apple cider vinegar 50/50 with water applied to the affected area with a cloth or cotton ball and let dry. Or you can soak your feet in the concoction but that uses up much more. Be sure to use apple cider vinegar – it is the only one that is the right ph balance to be effective. Also should be taken orally in some manner daily as well to offset all the sugar and flour we eat.

Pure Honey will work as well – it also has anti fungal properties but it can be kind of messy.