Refill 2 ounce Thentix Tube

Refill 2 ounce Thentix Tube

Filling a 2 ounce tube

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Fairly recently we came out with a 2 ounce tube to replace our 2 ounce 'travel size' jar.  Much for convenient for carrying around. Many of the ladies have commented that it fits better in their purse.  I've been asked a number of times if it can be refilled. I didn't  have a proper answer until now.  I tried the following and worked fine.  You will need the 12 ounce pump bottle to do this.

My 2 ounce tube was almost empty so I removed the clear plastic top.  There is a small piece of foil over the inside: remove that.  The tip that is exposed has a very small hole for the cream to exit.  I took a longish sharp knife and carved the hole a little bit bigger - just enough for the tip of the 12 ounce pump bottle to fit in.  Put the tip right up to the hole and squeeze some Thentix in.  Tap the small tube down so that the cream goes into the bottom and just keep repeating this until it is full.  Replace the clear plastic top and you are good to go.

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